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Getting Off the Grid Lesson 2

Components needed to get off the grid.

What does it take to get “off the grid” using solar energy and batteries? We at MPI Solar in Bloomington, Indiana have the answers, but we advise you not to make the decision lightly. Living “off grid” with solar energy is a huge lifestyle change. You may well find that you will have to make adjustments or sacrifices in your daily energy usage. It is a complicated but potentially rewarding way to manage your energy needs. Read More>

Interested in solar-powered water and electricity? MPI Solar provides state-of-the-art solar panels for both commercial and residential applications. We serve the Bloomington, Southern Indiana areas and beyond. Check out our portfolio! Learn more about our solar electricity options; roof mount, ground mount, pole mount, and off-grid (battery storage) systems.

MPI Solar, Mann Plumbing Inc.
Bloomington, IN
Monroe County Government Building
60kW array
Residential Solar Electricity
Energy Independence
Commercial Solar Hot Water
Wabash Valley Correctional Facility
Bart Villa Apartments
sustainable living


Solar Battery Backup


Solar Battery Backup Link to more information on sonnen solutions.

Solar Tracking Systems


There’s no single optimal angle to capture solar energy.

Our dual-axis trackers follow the sun, capture all of the day’s solar potential, and generate the most energy for you.

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