Getting Off the Grid Lesson 2

Components needed to get off the grid.

What does it take to get “off the grid” using solar energy and batteries? We at MPI Solar in Bloomington, Indiana have the answers, but we advise you not to make the decision lightly. Living “off grid” with solar energy is a huge lifestyle change. You may well find that you will have to make adjustments or sacrifices in your daily energy usage. It is a complicated but potentially rewarding way to manage your energy needs. Websites like have vast amounts of information that can help you prepare for this change.

First, you need to have an installed PV solar system, which MPI Solar can help you with. After this, you can get a sense of how much energy your house uses by looking at the bill your local utility provides you with. You must understand your energy needs and how you will meet them under the new grid-less system. Remember that a completely off-grid solar system will need to allow for space heating, water heating, and other assorted heating needs.

After the system itself, the “off grid” consumer will need batteries and backup generators in order to make sure that they are fully independent. MPI Solar can help you purchase batteries, ranging from Sonnens to Teslas. We can decide together which brand will be best for your situation. Fuel-fired backup generators are important not only if solar energy is unavailable, but for recharging batteries in order to lengthen their lifespan.

A well designed and installed system from MPI Solar can last you anywhere from 30 to 50 years of service. Give us a call today if you live in south-central Indiana and would like to look into this lifestyle change. MPI Solar, headquartered in Bloomington, is ready to help you make the choice to break from the grid!