Solar Hot Water

Efficient solar hot water is available right here in Indiana!  Our experience in plumbing and solar energy makes us versatile, able to create any solution for your environment and hot water needs.

A solar water system works using three basic components:

  • Collection: The sun’s rays reach the solar collector, which heats up copper tubes or fins
  • Storage: Water is heated and stored in a tank
  • Distribution: Solar hot water is distributed as needed via your water heater.

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Beyond the basics:

  • The diagram is of a closed loop system.  The glycol runs through the panel, absorbs the heat, and transfers the heat to water through a heat exchanger located inside the storage tank.
  • The differential controller (delta T controller) monitors the temperature at the panels. It signals the pumps to move the circulating fluid to the panels.
  • The system requires little electricity.  If you are currently heating water with electricity, this system will save hundreds of dollars every year in utility bills.