Why choose MPI Solar for Solar Panel Installation

When it comes time to choose the correct solar power system for your home or business, you need to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are working with a team that understands there’s more to solar power than merely tacking a few panels on to the roof.

At MPI Solar, we strive to work with our customers to build a solar power solution that fits their individual needs. Our entire crew is passionate about creating a solar power setup that is beautiful as well as functional.

Education Is the Cornerstone

The philosophy that guides MPI Solar is our desire to regularly update and improve our collective skills.
That underlying passion ensures we continue to provide knowledgeable, capable service on cutting-edge technology like solar power.

If you have never considered solar power, or you think renewable energy is outside your budget, MPI Solar is ready to help shine a light on the right solution for you and your wallet.

A Continued Commitment to Excellence

Three decades worth of satisfied clients can attest to the high quality that Dave Mann and his team bring
to every job.

A straightforward assessment with a member of our team is all it takes to make you a believer. We strive to create customized solar power solutions that work with you. We can build a setup that suits your needs, no matter what those might be. You might even find that a solar solution adds a splash of style to your home or business.

Contact us today and let us fill you in on the specifics. Call Amie at (812) 336-8518 or sign up for a FREE SOLAR ASSESSMENT.